Venue identity,
creation, builds and product curation

  • Venue aesthetic collaboration
  • Ergonomic bar design and purchasing
  • Product and produce curation and supply

Delivering a beverage program and its practical execution

  • Identifying target markets, business needs and concepts
  • Securing a sustainable cost of goods
  • Menu workshop and creative input
  • Execution and real-time delivering on product
  • Staff menu training
  • Back of house preparation, maintenance and standards
  • Stock control and purchasing

Delivering bar training programs

Offering clear and concise sessions for all levels documented with practicle lesson plans and outcomes to suit the venue.

  • Beginner / intermediate / advanced
  • Short term / mid-term / long-term
  • Bartenders / bar managers / leadership teams

Achieving sustainable and suitable bar mechanics

  • Opening game plan and strategy
  • Long-term standards, mise en place planing and sequence of service standards
  • Future planning and strategy

Achieving team cohesion, staff development and direction

  • Culture and leadership development
  • Maximising teamwork and team commitments
  • Planning for success, identifying team ethos and on going business goals
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